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Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Why book a Newborn Lifestyle Session at home?

The most important reason for having family photographs taken is because of the memories they contain: they instantly transport you back to a time and place and the feelings you had at that moment.

There's something extra special about newborn photographs. They take you straight back to that sense of wonder at your tiny baby, the overwhelming love and incredible euphoria of bringing a new person into the world. The photoshoot could be timed for the first time your baby meets a grandparent, sibling or family member.

As memories are such an important part of these pictures, I only offer at home, lifestyle newborn photography. Home is the place where you’re living out those family memories every day.

I want to document and create beautiful photos of your everyday life. The whole family cuddling in bed, on the sofa, nursing in your favourite chair, including any four-legged family members who might not make it to a studio session. Swaddled newborns dressed as bunnies, bears, or in flowerpots are cute, but I want my families to feel and get reconnected with joy-filled memories when they look at the newborn photos I take for you. Instead of props and costumes, I want to focus on real life, on what’s important.

These pictures will have real memories attached that will only get more valuable with time. They’ll act as starting points for stories you can tell your child as they grow up and want to know about their earliest days.

I recommend arranging the shoot as early as possible, aiming for the first couple of days, ideally within the first fortnight. Newborns grow so quickly within this time and their wrinkly toes and feet, brand new, tiny features are part of what makes the photos so special.

Parents-to-be book the session a few months in advanced to reserve the date in our diaries. Of course, the newborn's arrival is unlikely to be on the same schedule, so this is more of a guideline date and we'll arrange the exact day and time when your little one arrives. Preliminary booking ensures I'll be able to photograph your little one within the first few days of their arrival.

If you're looking for a thoughtful gift to give to parents-to-be, get in touch to order a gift voucher for a newborn photoshoot at home.

Please tell me about your journey so far through pregnancy. Is this your first child? What do you think will be the most important photo for me to capture of your child's birth or during your newborn shoot?

Find out more about my work.