A Doula's Homebirth

I was delighted when Emma from Belfast Baby Company got in touch to book me as her birth photographer.

Emma is one half of Belfast Baby Company, along with Leslie. They are trained doulas, offering birth and postnatal support, as well as trained antenatal and hypnobirthing practitioners. Both are strong advocates for evidence-based information around pregnancy and birth and want to empower women to have their birth, their way.

My birth photography had been on hold because of Covid and being extra cautious for personal reasons, so I was excited to get back to it, to photograph my first home birth and for that home birth to be Emma's.

Amanda's birth story blog post on Belfast Baby Company

I couldn't write a better blog post than Emma has, so read Emma's detailed sharing of Amanda's birth story in the featured blog post on Belfast Baby Company

Thank-you, Emma for trusting me and inviting me into your home during such an intimate and special time. I hope that the photos will be cherished forever and that Amanda loves looking through them with you, again and again!

Want to book a photographer for your little one's arrival?

I'm going to take four birth bookings this year. If you're having a home birth and know how much you want to have a photographer present to document their first moments in your life, get in touch now!