Birth Photography is:

  1. Documenting your full birthing experience, from active labour, to the delivery and the first hour postpartum. It's not just photographing the baby as it arrives, but the whole emotional and life-changing time leading up to the actual birth and precious moments afterwards. Your gallery of photos will show your strength during contractions, how your birth partner supported you, the look when you first saw your baby, your partner's face as they held the baby for the first time and all your child's tiny, delicate features captured at the time of birth.
  2. Powerful, beautiful, emotional, real and raw. Not photographs that are "too much" or too graphic. Personally, I don't think there is such a thing as too much, but I promise to photograph the arrival of your child artfully and discretely, respecting what your comfort levels are. If you don't want any photographs of your child crowning, or being lifted out via C-section, I can photograph from your perspective, over the shoulder.
  3. One of the most important fields of photography! The birth story of your child is a significant milestone in your life and deserves to be photographed by a professional. Just like a wedding day. The complete birth story deserves to be photographed by a professional, rather than relying on your birth partner, or asking a midwife or doula to interrupt their work to remember to take photos maybe of just the crowning and first cuddles.
  4. Your child's birth story captured by a professional birth photographer in a beautiful documentary style. You will love these photos forever. Think about sitting down with your child to show them their birth story and the love you had for them from the moment you brought them into the world.
  5. A way for a mother to relive the birthing experience and see it from the perspective of a professional how amazing she was; to see the beauty in her child's birth and to cherish the experience. Birth can be a blur for mother's with the hormones, sleep deprivation, rush of adrenaline and maybe overwhelming.
  6. Having a professional birth photographer to support you and your birthing team. Not only will a birth photographer provide you with beautiful photos of your birth, they will bring their experience, wisdom and reassurance to give that extra encouragement when you need it.