Motherhood Sessions

Why book a Motherhood Session?

As parents, you are most likely the one taking the photos, or doing the funny faces behind the camera, keenly capturing the exciting firsts and documenting your little one's growth. At a push, you might have had family photos taken at a studio session, or by a friend or extended family member at family parties.

Motherhood Portrait Sessions are all about celebrating you. Honouring your journey into motherhood and to capture beautiful photos, with you front and centre instead of behind the scenes.

If you've never heard of a Motherhood photo shoot, click to read my blog on the eight photographers who's work I most admire, to show you what new motherhood portrait sessions are all about. They are doing incredible work getting Mothers in front of the camera and taking the most intimate, natural, relaxed and powerful photos. Capturing really special memories that deserve to be celebrated and cherished.

As a new mother, you probably barely even have time for a proper shower, as you take care of your baby's and need of your family first. If you do one thing for you this year, make it booking a Motherhood photo shoot. (You don't even need to wash your hair for it if you don't want to / have time for it).

Please tell me about your journey so far through pregnancy. Is this your first child? What do you think will be the most important photo for me to capture of your child's birth or during your newborn shoot?

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Please tell me as much about you as you want to include and what you'd like me to capture for you.