Posed vs Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Posed newborn photography taken in studios is probably the style that most people are familiar with when you think about newborn photography. The photos are mostly taken when the baby is swaddled and sleeping, maybe inside a quirky prop like a basket, or flower pot etc. It's a hugely popular genre that focuses mainly on the baby and cute poses that you can place a newborn in while they sleep away.

Lifestyle newborn photography is on the opposite end of the style spectrum. While still focusing on the newborn to capture all the details of tiny fingers, toes, their eyelashes, newborn hair; I approach the session with the my attention on connection between the newborn and parents, siblings and family members (including four legged ones that you want to be part of the session).

Connection is at the heart of my photography, I love close-ups of their little hands holding onto your finger, reaching for your nose, your hair, your hands around their tiny feet. And the connection between you and your partner, other children and any grandparents present.

“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”

I want you to feel all the feels when you look over your gallery of photos from our shoot!

Have a professional photoshoot without having to leave the house!

Booking a photographer to come to your home makes life so much easier! The practical reasons aren't the most important factors in my opinion, but they are a great thing to consider. No need to pack your bag with all the things you'll need, all the things you think you might need, and all the things you probably won't need, but pack just incase! No rushing kids (and, or partners!) out the door. By having a photoshoot at home, you have everything you might need to hand. There's no pressure on time and you can feel ready and relaxed about my arrival.

Please don't feel like your house needs to be showroom perfect. Unless this is your first baby, your home is likely to be filled with toys from siblings and all the day to day baby essentials. I recently photographed a family with three little ones under three, and the Mum gave me the brief of "Embrace the Madness". Dream client! Lifestyle photography is all about documenting your family as it and the happy chaos that comes with a houseful of children and toys. Don't worry about your house being picture perfect. To me, the perfect picture is when your family is documented as you are.

An important factor to consider when deciding on a lifestyle session and using your home as the backdrop for your photos, is the sentimental value it adds to the photos. This is the place where you're making everyday memories as a family. Where your baby, or babies are growing up. You and your baby are going to feel most at ease and happiest in the home rather than in a new, studio environment. This is where you'll interact most naturally and I can focus on this connection, incorporating special and unique details from your home.

I'll ask for you to show me around your home, and in advance have a little think about which areas are most important to you and where you'd like included. As a natural light photographer, this might involve moving your favourite nursing chair closer to the window etc. Promise to help move any furniture I moved during the shoot back to it's original place!

We'll work together to get the photos you want. Family photos on the bed are comfortable, fun and adds intimacy to a cosy family portrait. Maybe you put your heart and soul into decorating the little one's nursery and want photos in there. While I recommend photos close to a large window, I'm able to work with the light you have to get the photos that have the most meaning and sentimental value.

What can I expect?

I won't ask you to pose (well, maybe for one formal shot for the parents / grandparents)! You don't need to worry about being camera shy or feeling awkward in front of the camera. When I arrive, we'll have a little chat, get to know you and any children, or pets you have. This time helps everyone to feel relaxed.

I will prompt or guide the session by asking you to cuddle together on the sofa, or bed. Maybe letting older siblings play and bounce on the bed. Pile onto Dad's shoulders, tickle fight etc. Games and actions bring around reactions, emotion and connection, and this is gold! The session will be a mixture of tempo of quiet cuddles and fun too.

Family Lifestyle Photoshoot Newtownards

If you have toddlers, I know attention span and interest can be fleeting, so we'll work with that. The most important thing is not to feel any pressure to form, relax and enjoy the process. I suggest telling kids that you're having a friend around to visit who likes to take photos. Think of the session being like that yourself!

I'll take a mixture of photos from further away taking in the full scene and lots of close up details which I love to really focus in on connection between you and your little one(s) and partner.

When should I book a photoshoot?

All stages of your newborns development are special. I can be there to document the arrival home of your little one, or a few weeks later when they're more active with eyes open and connecting more with you. Some parents wait until their baby is a few months old, or choose to book a shoot to celebrate their baby's first birthday. It's really down to personal preference. Whatever the stage your baby is at, I can be there to get beautiful photos to celebrate where your family is now.

I offer packages for parents who want to have photos of their baby at Just Born (within the first couple of days coming home from hospital up to 14 days), 6 months and a year. This will give you three photos for a gallery wall, or try frame of beautiful photos to mark their progress and the changes in your family.

If you want to book a Just Born session, please get in touch before your baby arrives letting me know the due date, so that I can have you pencilled into my schedule. When the baby's born, if you get in touch as soon as you can, we'll confirm an exact time. For bookings when the baby has already arrived, I recommend booking with at least 2 weeks notice to get a date that suits.

Ready to book? I can't wait to hear from. Get in touch today!