Welcoming Georgia.

Georgia arrived a week early and is thriving with all the quiet time she's been able to have with her first time Mum, who is doing an incredible job! Total natural and possibly the most relaxed new Mum I've met.

These photos were taken on day 6 of welcoming Georgia to the world, one day before she was expected!

While social distancing is making life hard in many ways, it's good to see a silver lining. The midwife said that there's been an increase in the success of babies being able to latch on and Mums being able to breastfeed if they choose too. Less visitors when the baby goes homes and a calmer, more relaxed pace of life (although, maybe this doesn't apply if toddlers are part of the equation!) seems to be doing the world of good for postpartum bonding.

Having Granny around to help out is a big factor too. This Granny was a little camera shy, but I'm obsessed with hand photos, so I'm delighted that Granny sat down for a cuddle and finger hold. Who else loves to see newborns and a close up of Grandparents' hands?

It's so good to have my camera back in hand to document the early days of my client's newborn's life. Every day they change so much. Especially in the first two weeks. Now more than ever these photos are invaluable to share with friends and family who are perhaps unable to travel, visit, or simply can't safely get close to taken in all these tiny details.

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