Breastfeeding Portrait and Family photos at the beach.

Michelle and her partner moved over from London just before the pandemic. Baby L was a lockdown baby and Michelle spent a lot of time walking down to the beach and along the coastal path, during the travel restrictions. This beach was a special spot to them in their breastfeeding journey.

Michelle wanted to combine a Motherhood Portrait session with having some family photos taken. I realised so far, I haven't included any of the family photos I often take as part of my sessions. It's a real 50 / 50 split between Mothers who want the photos to be focused solo on Motherhood, and Mothers who want to have a few photos with their parter, or whole family. It's entirely up to you, what you'd like to do.

Of a partner or other family members are getting in on the photoshoot action, usually, we'll focus on the Motherhood Portraits and Breastfeeding at the start of the shoot, then spend time with your family together, and the other parent with your little one, one to one as well.

If you're partner is camera shy, but you want photos of them, I'm absolutely happy to trick them into having photos taken! Even just a few quick snaps can get beautiful photos that they'll love to look back on.

At the end of Michelle's shoot, we quickly took a few photos of her and her partner while Baby L chilled and watched from the pram beside me. I loved this! Absolute Mum and Dad goals.

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Happy to travel to an outdoor location that is special to you. September is a great month for outdoor photoshoots as it's still warm, sunny (when the weather behaves!) and the beaches and parks are a bit quieter with older children back to school. Any questions, ask away!