What to Wear

The outfits you choose for your session are one of the most important factors in your photos. Not only do they play a huge role in the visual aspect of the photos, but whether or not your child feels comfortable has a huge effect on their mood and energy.

Below I have some suggestions for outfits, but the single most important tip I can give you is to always place comfort as the top of your priority when picking out your little one's outfit. A comfortable child is a happy child.

I love photos with the baby nudie to show their chunky arms, legs and back rolls. It's beautiful when Mum feels comfortable with more skin out to photograph skin-to-skin nursing and a more intimate portrait. I have only shot one Mum like this and would love to create more photographs in this style, so don't be shy!

1) Choose pastels, earth tones and neutrals.

These types of colours work best with your newborn's skin tones. Soft colours will keep the eye drawn to you, your baby and connection.

2) Coordinate colours, but don't over-match.

Earth tones, pastels or neutrals will have the best results on camera and give your photos a cohesive look without being too "matchy"

3) Add layers for texture and accessories for interest.

Different textures of fabric in your clothing creates interest. Necklaces, bracelets, etc add an extra little touch to an outfit and translate really well in photos.

4) Discrete, partial covered or all natural with skin out.

Think about how much or little skin you want in your portraits and plan your outfit with that in mind. If you want to show minimal skin in your portrait, wear a high necked top with a vest underneath to lift up to breastfeed.

What Not To Wear

-Avoid overmatching

-Avoid saturated colours

-Avoid crazy patterns

-Avoid fashion fads

*If colour and crazy patterns are your thing, you do you! These are your portraits and I want them to be a true reflection of you and who you are.

Final couple of things to think about!

You might have noticed my obsession with close-ups of hands. If you have manicures, book your nail appointment before the shoot. If you keep your nails naturally, don't feel like you need to get them done! A natural nail beside your baby's hand keeps it simple and classic.

I'm a porcelain and rocking it kinda girl, but if you prefer to apply tan before your shoot, please apply a day or two before the shoot to make sure you get nice even colour. Pay extra attention to your hands to avoid orange palms, knuckles or the give away skin that often gets missed in between your fingers.